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Technology Integration

Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

Integrating information technology (IT) with our service delivery enhances Kestrel’s capacity to provide superior professional services. We seamlessly translate traditional processes into efficient Technology-Enabled Business Solutions (TEBS) that support our clients’ business objectives.

Our Approach

Applying technology to operations isn’t about just finding and buying a software tool. It is about understanding the business need, integrating the appropriate tool into existing operations, and deploying it so it is effectively applied.

There are three fundamental activities that Kestrel provides related to TEBS to ensure that our clients apply tools that will meet their specific business objectives and operating requirements.

Kestrel Management Approach to Technology Enabled Business Solutions

Kestrel integrates technology into every project we undertake—whether through electronic document management, data collection, or one of the proprietary software tools that we have developed to help meet our clients’ business objectives:

  • dynaQ™: Flexible assessment tool
  • SharePoint Suite: Information Management System (IMS) for document management and action tracking and management
  • Code & Compliance Elite (CCE™): Management tool for effectively managing NACD Responsible Distribution and other management system requirements