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Companies of all sizes face operational risks and challenges.

Kestrel takes on many of our clients’ most difficult operational challenges—the ones that often present the greatest business risks—and works with management to deliver reliable, achievable, and sustainable solutions.

We work to understand the potential risks to our clients’ businesses, and to then develop and apply tailored processes and management tools that yield improved business and operational practices.

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FSMA Challenges for Dietary Supplements Compliance

The interpretation of FSMA compliance for Dietary Supplement (DS) distributors and manufacturers has varied since the law was signed in 2011. As much of the food industry, including FDA, has sought to understand compliance requirements of the various FSMA rules, the DS industry has had even more to assess and determine due to its unique…

Are You Making Costly Waste Management Mistakes?

Biotechnology Focus Are you managing your waste correctly?  Are you disposing of your waste efficiently and cost-effectively?  Do you have a system to track your waste and sustain its management?  Waste is one of those risks that is often overlooked at companies because it isn’t something core to operations. Unfortunately, if waste is incorrectly managed, there are regulatory compliance risks,…

Kestrel’s Fall 2019 Food Safety Events

Kestrel is proud to provide our ongoing support for the manufacture, processing, and distribution of safe food. This fall, we look forward to joining our food industry friends and colleagues at a number of events to promote safe and quality food. Food Safety Consortium The Food Safety Consortium is a premiere event for food safety education…