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Companies of all sizes face operational risks and challenges.

Kestrel takes on many of our clients’ most difficult operational challenges—the ones that often present the greatest business risks—and works with management to deliver reliable, achievable, and sustainable solutions.

We work to understand the potential risks to our clients’ businesses, and to then develop and apply tailored processes and management tools that yield improved business and operational practices.

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Compliance Services We Provide

Businesses face a complex web of regulations and other requirements regarding their material use, supply chain, byproducts, and environmental and safety practices, amongst many others. In today’s economic climate, it is difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential.

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risk vs compliance

Compliance Risk Assessment

Compliance risk assessment helps to identify and assess risks related to applicable regulatory requirements. Internal and external events or conditions affecting the entity’s ability to achieve objectives must be identified, distinguishing between risks and opportunities. These risks are analyzed, considering the following: Size of the risk – where, how big, how often/many? Severity of the…

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Process Expo Webinar Food Safety

Free Webinar Highlighting PROCESS EXPO Food Safety Training

Are you registered for the PROCESS EXPO’s special food safety training courses? Find out why you should be! Join Kestrel Principals Bill Bremer & Roberto Bellavia and our team of food safety experts on Tuesday, September 10 for a sneak peek into the special food safety training courses being offered as part of PROCESS EXPO…

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