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14 Jul

Chad Coopmans


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Areas of Expertise: Document management, business productivity/efficiency, system deployment, training, customer service, TEBS concept development, project management

Education/Certifications: B.S. in Family and Consumer Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; A+, Network+, Linux+, and Oracle Database 10 g Administration I certificates

As a Technology Enabled Business Solutions (TEBS) Consultant, Chad supports the integration of information technology (IT) into Kestrel projects. He provides day-to-day configuration and support for Kestrel’s web-based applications, including dynaQ™ and SharePoint. In his role, Chad is also responsible for designing, developing, and implementing solutions with attention to user interface design.

Chad’s background includes eight years as a placed IT consultant to three large organizations, where he was in charge of project management through SharePoint. He has experience managing projects and documents, developing reports and metrics, managing data collection, and providing customer support.

Chad uses his previous experience to deliver technical support, troubleshooting, problem resolution, and training services to Kestrel clients to ensure their overall satisfaction. Through his interactions on client projects, Chad assists the Kestrel team in identifying opportunities for integrating technology into solutions to further improve clients’ business productivity and efficiency.