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SQF Packaging Auditor Training Course

07 Jan

BY: Stacey Pisani

Food Safety

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Kestrel Management invites you to attend…

February 23 – 25, 2016
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Fee: $850/person
700m Commerce Drive, Suite 330
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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Food packaging takes a variety of forms. The risks from packaging are dependent upon the risks associated with the food product itself. The intended use of the packaging must be considered when assessing food packaging manufacturing plants for certification. This is in addition to the qualified use for the related food product of both the package and the packaging process, which may include primary, secondary, indirect, and food contact materials. Auditors need to be well-aware of the hazards characteristic of the manufacture and end use of packaging materials.


This 3-day SQF Packaging Auditor training program is designed for the candidate seeking qualification to conduct SQF certification audits to Food Sector Category 27. Other requirements for certification still apply and can be found in the SQF Auditor Criteria description. The course will align with Part A and Modules 2 and 13 of the SQF Code, ed. 7, and will encompass all aspects necessary to assess for certification the food safety and quality systems of food packaging manufacturing plants.

The information covered will encompass all aspects of food packaging, the food-level risk of the packaging, and compliance with the intended food packaging process and intended use.

The following types of packaging will be covered:

  • Rigid – plastic, metal, glass
  • Bulk – plastic, fabric
  • Flexible packaging
  • Paper, corrugated
  • Special packaging

Microwavable packaging will be addressed as a subset of the categories listed above.


The purpose of the SQF Packaging Auditor training course is to provide individuals seeking qualification as SQF lead auditors to certify food packaging and contact materials processing plants to SQF food sector category 27 with the knowledge to assess the food safety and quality systems of food packaging manufacturing plants.


  • Provide training for SQF auditors for certification to the packaging standard for the encompassing packaging types
  • Identify differences/similarities between a food audit and food packaging audit
  • Become ready to plan and conduct a food packaging audit to GFSI and SQF requirements
  • Understand the packaging information and concerns necessary for a food packaging auditor


Demonstrated completion of HACCP training and an understanding of the HACCP method are required for those planning to attend this training course.


The course fee is $850.00 per person. Register 3 or more people from your company to receive a discount of $50 per person. The course fee includes course materials, breakfast, and lunch.

Register for SQF Packaging Auditor Training Course

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