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Operational Risk Management


Operational Risk Management

Risk is inherent in business—it goes without saying. Today, companies are exposed to more risk and more kinds of risk than ever before. That is why it is essential that companies plan ahead for events that might compromise their supply chain, quality, and/or the security of their organization, activities, and projects. Effective risk management is a key component of effective governance.

Sustaining and Improving Business Over Time

Understanding and effectively managing risks is vital to organizational sustainability. A fully integrated enterprise risk management program looks at company business and operational processes to create a comprehensive approach that reduces variability in process execution, produces more predictable financial and operational results, and sustains the business over time.

Kestrel helps prioritize risks and develop risk management plans so companies are equipped to handle the risks that accompany operating a successful business. We identify and assess risks to operations, and then design and implement risk management strategies that align fully with the corporate vision and objectives.

By proactively building strategic, enterprise-wide risk management solutions, Kestrel helps turn potential risks and liabilities into opportunities—to achieve higher economic returns and protect employees, communities, customers, and the environment. This, in turn, protects and enhances overall business value.

Our risk and liability management services include:

Operational Risk Management Cycle

  • Risk identification, assessment, and risk-based planning and design
  • Program and organizational development and improvement
  • Valuation and management of liabilities and asset retirement obligations
  • Acquisition due diligence and integration process development
  • Design, streamlining, and standardization of internal controls and processes
  • Incident investigation and cause analysis
  • Performance reliability improvement