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In industrial operations, environmental issues are not clearly separable from safety, quality, and energy. In fact, most environmental compliance activities are closely tied to production processes, quality management, energy efficiency, and safety. Helping our clients achieve the most positive environmental outcomes—ones that contribute to overall business performance—is what drives Kestrel.

Environmental Innovators

Environmental management is at the root of our company. Prior to creating Kestrel, our owners founded and led a successful national environmental engineering and consulting company. At our core, we have always been—and will always be—innovators when it comes to helping industry improve environmental performance and reduce the costs of regulatory compliance.

Balanced Solutions

Kestrel develops comprehensive environmental strategies and establishes sustainable programs that balance economic growth and environmental protection—dual concerns that will only increase as the economy, environment, and energy become further intertwined.

Kestrel Environment DisciplineOur team members have rich and varied backgrounds that emphasize creating systems, making behavioral changes, and implementing processes that link business systems and quality management with effective environmental practices.

This background allows us to combine a practical business approach with the extensive environmental knowledge to help our clients:

  • Minimize their impacts on the environment
  • Meet regulatory obligations
  • Sustain realistic and achievable results