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Connect with Kestrel: AFPM National Occupational & Process Safety Conference

06 May

BY: Stacey Pisani

Kestrel Management News / Process Safety / Safety

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AFPM National Occupational & Process Safety Conference
May 17-18, 2016
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

Human Performance Reliability

You may recall seeing Kestrel’s recent presentation at the AFPM Annual Meeting, Using a Data-Driven Method of Accident Analysis: A Case Study of the Human Performance Reliability (HPR) Process.

The concept of human error and its contribution to occupational accidents and incidents have received considerable research attention in recent years. Kestrel developed our Human Performance Reliability (HPR) process to help companies reduce the risk associated with employee and contractor behavior and, thereby, improve the safety performance of the organization.

Unlike a typical root cause analysis, which addresses factors leading to a specific incident, our HPR process is based on a sophisticated statistical analysis of human factor data obtained from multiple incidents. HPR consists of three complementary elements:

  • Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • Procedure Improvements
  • Safety Culture Assessment

Connect with Kestrel in San Antonio

Kestrel will be on hand, once again, at the AFPM 2016 National Occupational & Process Safety Conference to talk about the role that human error plays in occupational incidents. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Kestrel helps our clients manage EHS and quality risks; improve safety performance; and achieve regulatory compliance assurance.

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