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Catch Kestrel at ChemEdge: August 13-19 in Louisville

07 Sep

BY: Stacey Pisani

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Are you challenged with…

  • Staying on top of EHS&S regulatory
  • Managing your Responsible Distribution
    verification requirements?
  • Handling increased demands from food safety
  • Having the appropriate tools and resources to
    efficiently manage it all?

Kestrel Management can help.

Kestrel’s Jake Taylor and Liz Hillgren will be available throughout ChemEdge and would enjoy the opportunity to talk
further about your company’s challenges—and how we can help.
Here’s where you can find us in Louisville:

  • August 12, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Pre-Con Responsible Distribution
  • August 15, 11:30-12:30 pm – Session: Environmental Auditing for
    Value-Added Peace of Mind
  • August 13 -16 – Exhibition Booth #302

Kestrel Session: Environmental Auditing for Value-Added Piece of Mind

Environmental auditing is a management tool that can be used to evaluate and monitor the internal performance and compliance of your company with environmental regulations and standards. An audit can also be used to determine the overall effectiveness of an existing system within your company. This interactive session will incorporate NACD member feedback on compliance auditing practices to help you maximize best practices for compliance, efficiency, and value within the industry.

Partnering with NACD

Kestrel has been a
long-standing NACD Preferred Compliance Provider and Responsible Distribution
Adviser, providing leading EHS and food safety compliance expertise and
Responsible Distribution assistance. Whether helping members address compliance
needs, managing Responsible Distribution verification requirements, or creating
adaptable technology solutions tailored to your business needs, Kestrel will
help address your challenges.

We look forward to seeing our clients and friends—both old and new—at ChemEdge in Louisville!

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