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Q&A: Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP)

Before food can be imported into the U.S., it is subject to FDA inspection. These inspections are intended to ensure food imports...

Mobile inspection app

Making the Most of Mobile Technology

This is the third in Kestrel’s series of articles about Technology-Enabled Business Solutions. A decade ago, when “handheld computers” (i.e.,...

regulatory training

OSHA, EPA & DOT Training in Iowa this Summer

OSHA, EPA, and DOT each have requirements for personnel that are working with chemicals, hazardous waste, or onsite emergency management...

NACD Central Region Meeting

NACD Central Region Meeting & FSMA Workshop

Kestrel is looking forward to seeing many of our chemical distribution friends and customers at the NACD Central Region Meeting...

Back to Basics

Back to Basics: Leveraging Existing IT Systems

This article is part of Kestrel’s series on Technology-Enabled Business Solutions.  It’s not uncommon to think more is better when...

Food-grade chemicals

Aligned Hazard Analysis Programs: Food HACCP & PSM

The ultimate responsibility for food safety lies with food service providers and their ability to develop and maintain effective food...