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Compliance Management

Many companies—especially those that are not large enough for a dedicated team of full-time staff—struggle with how to effectively resource their regulatory compliance needs.

Our experience over many years suggests that reliable and effective regulatory compliance is commonly an outcome of consistent and reliable information management system implementation. Our systems allow you to more efficiently manage compliance tasks, corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), and other project activities to ensure you are meeting your compliance requirements.

Our compliance management components include the following:

  • Compliance tracking/calendar provides a systematic and easy-to-monitor approach for maintaining routine compliance activities. You can track and manage your company’s compliance to applicable standards and requirements (e.g., EPA, OSHA, DOT, FDA) by:
    • Assigning responsibility for tasks
    • Establishing processes to manage and track compliance-related tasks
    • Creating workflow reminders and notifications when items are due or need to be renewed
  • Audit, assessment and inspection protocol, checklists, and associated logs can be created for routine work (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly inspections), detailed assessments, and internal audits. Employees can complete these checklists and forms via a mobile device wherever they are working. This provides for:
    • Central management of audit/assessment schedule, process, forms and other requirements
    • Increased productivity through prep-time reduction
    • Improved data access/availability for reporting and planning purposes
    • Real-time data analysis
    • Workflow and process automation
  • Audit tracking tools make it easy to track and manage when third-party audits are conducted, as well as identify any CAPAs and areas for improvement and assign responsibility for follow-up.
  • Permit management/tracking allows you to:
    • Catalog and track permits in one place
    • Send and receive notifications of permits about to expire
    • Document and track project conditions, impacts, construction timeframe restrictions, sensitive resources, etc.
    • Effectively manage project process from permitting through hand over to construction
    • Coordinate and communicate with project contractors
    • Establish accountability and a standardized approach for reporting and performance measurement
    • Monitor financial performance
Compliance Tracking