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Information Management Suite

Compliance Efficiency Tools

Kestrel is not a software company. We are not IT consultants. What we are is EHS professionals with the technology know-how to design and build scalable systems that allow you to more efficiently and effectively manage compliance and business processes.

Many companies look at software as a silver bullet—a fix for everything. But applying technology to operations isn’t about just finding and buying a software tool. It is about understanding the business need, customizing and integrating the appropriate tool into existing operations, and deploying it so it is effectively applied.

Behind Kestrel’s systems, we have EHS experts who understand your business and regulatory compliance obligations. This ensures that systems are built from the perspective of the people who will be using them—in the field, in the plant, in the office, in the board room—so they function the way you need them to 

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Scalable Management System Solutions

Kestrel’s information management systems and compliance efficiency tools are built on a Microsoft platform. We offer one platform with multiple customizable solutions to meet your business and overall compliance needs. This approach offers the following functionality and benefits:

ScalabilityScalabilityOur platform is scalable to ensure it meets organizational/ business needs, as well as regulatory requirements. Your system will contain the parts and pieces your company needs to operate efficiently and in compliance with regulations, standards, and customer requirements.

AlignmentAlignmentThe system can be expanded to integrate, connect, and support multiple standards (e.g., ISO, FSSC, SQF, IFS, Responsible Distribution) and/or regulatory requirements. Integration of multiple management systems into a single platform makes management more effective and efficient than when systems operate independently.

AccessibilityAccessibility. The central, web-based system is accessible from any location. Mobile access and forms allow you to capture data via phones, tablets, or PCs—anytime, anywhere—even in remote locations. This allows the user to improve data access/availability, generate real-time analytics, and create workflow and process automation.

MeasurementMeasurement. Data can be collected and compiled for review and analysis, as well as more sophisticated predictive analytics. Dashboards and reporting capabilities provide insights into system health, operational results, and business performance for senior management. A standardized approach for reporting further creates accountability and ongoing performance monitoring and measurement.

AdoptionEasy AdoptionBuilding off a common Microsoft platform allows for easier adoption due to its familiarity. It also limits the number of solutions, software, and systems needed by a company, as well as the extra fees associated with additional software, such as license, user, and change fees.


Our systems are customized to include the solutions your company needs to address operational and compliance requirements. We focus on providing the following management systems modules: 

–> Compliance Management

–> Training/Learning Management

–> Complaint & Issues Management

–> Incident Management

–> Document Management

–> Code & Compliance Elite™

–> dynaQ™