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Webinar: How to Avoid Disaster from Undetected Material Variability

January 29, 2015 - Kestrel Food Safety

Join Kestrel for Food Safety Tech’s complimentary webinar:
How to Avoid Disaster from Undetected Material Variability
February 25, 1:00 p.m. CT

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Sourcing acceptable quality materials is more challenging today with the growth of global suppliers, dispersion of enterprise plants and new customer bases. This larger and looser configuration requires new QA tools and systems. Paper-based processes and traditional quality management systems struggle to manage this new demand for data management.

This webinar will discuss the unavoidable reality of testing as a reliable quality assurance methodology, and why it is required across your supply chain.

Join a number of experts, including Kestrel’s Bill Bremer, for this session and learn how your organization can:

  • Determine material variability in material performance (spec conformance) that is often more variable than you might expect.
  • Visualize this inevitable material variability that impacts safe and predictiable material performance.
  • Manage materials’ QA that varies in important characteristics by specification, season, supplier, plant, shift, production line, raw materials, and expiry date across your supply chain.
  • Supplement belief-based confidence with data which drive awareness, visibility and validation for consistent quality.

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Submitted by: Bill Bremer

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