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Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

Integrating information technology (IT) with our service delivery enhances Kestrel’s capacity to provide superior professional services. We seamlessly translate traditional processes into efficient Technology-Enabled Business Solutions that support our clients’ business objectives.

Our Approach

Applying technology to operations isn’t about just finding and buying a software tool. It is about understanding the business need, integrating the tool into existing operations, and deploying it so it doesn’t just “sit on the shelf” underutilized.

There are three fundamental activities that Kestrel provides related to our Technology-Enabled Business Solutions to ensure that our clients get a tool that will meet their specific business objectives and operating requirements:

  1. Analyze and enhance existing IT solutions. It is not uncommon for internal programs and software packages to be underutilized or, in some cases, not used at all for the intended purpose. Kestrel can provide a comprehensive review of existing IT products, analyze how the company is currently applying the software, and then help make sure that the IT solution is being used to its fullest extent.
  2. Provide custom, flexible IT management solutions. Kestrel’s dynaQ™ software is an integral platform for reducing the effort and cost associated with managing company requirements and obligations across different platforms (e.g., safety, environment, quality, food safety, operations, maintenance). dynaQ™ comprises a wide range of ready-to-use tools and expandable applications that cover the gamut of risk management and can be customized to meet our clients’ business objectives.
  3. Procure, develop, and deploy software. If existing software and/or dynaQ™ do not fulfill the company’s needs, Kestrel can review other alternatives and provide the IT expertise needed to help procure, develop, and deploy software that will adequately support business objectives.

Depending on the project, Kestrel may provide just one of these activities or a combination of them to find the IT solution that works best for our clients.

Kestrel’s dynaQ™ Flexible IT Management Solution

Our dynaQ™ solutions are designed to support management activities spanning critical industrial functions:

  • Assessment and Auditing integrates the latest technology for unmatched data collection efficiency during assessments.
  • Task Management, Shared Calendar, and Notifications includes scheduling, email reminders, chain-of-command reminders, project management, and restricted access controls.
  • Document Management helps companies meet the requirements associated with a variety of different management systems. We retain and refine master documents and maintain a control repository for access and distribution.
  • Training Tracking serves as a means to track training for individuals throughout the organization to meet regulatory compliance and/or corporate-mandated requirements.
  • Action Tracking offers accountability and transparency. It allows users to assign, track, and manage actions in real time with one tool.
  • Metrics and Performance Dashboard provides a centralized location for user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing users to measure, report on, and improve performance.
  • Incident Management allows users to review accidents and incidents, conduct root cause analysis, incorporate human error into investigations (HFIT™), identify improvements, track corrective/preventive actions to closure, and produce reports (e.g., OSHA 300 Logs)

Unique Expertise

Kestrel brings together a unique combination of senior consultants averaging over 25 years of experience working in industry with strong skills in information technology to create custom Technology-Enabled Business Solutions for our clients. The professionals behind our solutions don’t just understand software. We have dealt with many of the challenges our clients face; we have lived the types of processes and systems we help design and implement.

This combined effort and experience results in Kestrel’s ability to seamlessly translate traditional processes into efficient Technology-Enabled Business Solutions that meet industry’s ongoing operational, risk management, regulatory, safety, and continual improvement objectives.