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Kestrel Grows Strategic Partnership with NACD as Responsible Distribution Adviser

October 19, 2015 - Kestrel Management

For years, Kestrel Management has partnered with NACD to help chemical distributors manage their difficult operational and EHS issues:

  • Kestrel is an NACD Preferred Compliance Provider, committed to helping members understand the myriad of complex regulations affecting chemical distributors.
  • We have remained on the front lines with Responsible Distribution, offering members the Responsible Distribution powered by dynaQ™ software as a way to simplify and streamline some of the Responsible Distribution requirements.
  • Kestrel is working with NACD to develop the new NACD-U Responsible Distribution online courses to help members better understand requirements.

New Responsible Distribution Adviser Program

We are pleased to be taking our commitment to NACD and Responsible Distribution a step further by becoming a recognized Responsible Distribution Adviser. Under NACD’s new Responsible Distribution Adviser Program, Advisers from NACD affiliate companies are specifically trained in Responsible Distribution by NACD to provide expert assistance with members’ Responsible Distribution programs and verifications. Members are encouraged to contract directly with the Advisers to seek guidance. 

Kestrel Adviser: Jake Taylor

Kestrel Senior Consultant Jake Taylor will be Kestrel’s primary Responsible Distribution Adviser. Jake is completing NACD’s required training this fall. Jake and the rest of the Kestrel team look forward to this growing relationship with NACD and to getting involved with member companies as they work toward Responsible Distribution verification.

Submitted by: Jake Taylor

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