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Reducing Fire Incidents in Your Organization

March 10, 2014 - Kestrel Management

At the request of the North American Die Caster’s Association (NADCA), in late 2013 Kestrel Management observed multiple NADCA member sites to identify issues of concern for fire prevention. The primary objective of this study was to help NADCA member companies better understand what fire hazards to look for, how to assess fire prevention compliance, and how to reduce the likelihood of a fire incident within the organization.

Opportunities for Fire Prevention Improvements

Kestrel’s overall observations highlighted the following:

  • Focus for fire prevention showed opportunities for improvement at most facilities.
  • Most host companies focused the majority of their time and resources on quality, environmental concerns, and employee health & safety.
  • Many maintenance departments appear to be understaffed and incapable of meeting preventive maintenance requirements.
  • Many managers/supervisors have not been trained in fire prevention and, therefore, do not fully understand the requirements to successfully perform this aspect of their job.
  • Workload is not adjusted and prioritized against any criteria other than safety requirements, and fire prevention is not considered a safety priority.
  • Companies are missing the opportunity to identify near misses that have the potential to cause a fire incident.

Evaluating Your Fire Prevention Efforts

Fire incident prevention should—and must—be a high priority for any organization, not just those in the die casting industry. By focusing resources on this important aspect of the business, the long-term survival of the organization and the safety of its employees will be enhanced.

Kestrel offers industrial companies two options for evaluating fire prevention efforts:

  • Option 1. Fire Prevention Assessment: Includes one day onsite with a report as the final deliverable.
  • Option 2. Fire Prevention Assessment and OSHA Programs Review: Includes two days onsite with report for fire prevention and OSHA programs as final deliverable.

If you are interested in working with Kestrel to assess and improve your fire prevention efforts, please contact Randy Block directly to schedule a visit: or 630-955-0095.

Submitted by: Randy Block

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