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New Safer Consumer Products Regulations in California

September 25, 2013 - Kestrel Management

Effective October 1, 2013, California manufacturers and importers will be required to evaluate chemicals of concern in consumer products, their potential alternatives, and how best to limit exposure/reduce hazards under the Safer Consumer Products Regulations. Assemblers and retailers will have related responsibilities.

These regulations establish procedures for:

  • Identifying and prioritizing chemicals or chemical ingredients in consumer products as candidate chemicals subject to additional review, and ultimately as chemicals of concern subject to the remainder of these regulations.
  • Considering product-chemical combinations that produce potentially adverse exposures, leading to identification of priority products.
  • Identifying and analyzing how best to eliminate or reduce potential exposures to and potential adverse impacts posed by chemical(s) of concern present in priority products.

Although these requirements apply directly only within California, any reviews and reformulations are likely to affect global production and distribution decisions. Anyone selling products in CA that contain the yet-to-be-identified priority chemicals will likely be impacted by this legislation. Companies should be looking to voluntarily reduce hazardous ingredients now, as once their products are listed, the potential for negative market effects is real.

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Submitted by: Sarah Burton

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