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NACD Partnership

Kestrel has been a long-standing strategic partner to the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), nacd_fullcolor_logo_largeoffering leading EHS&S and food safety compliance expertise and Responsible Distribution assistance. We specialize in providing services and tools that support member companies’ business objectives and address all aspects of the chemical distribution industry—from Responsible Distribution, to regulatory compliance, to food safety.

Kestrel is currently involved with NACD in the following programs:

  • Compliance Services – Preferred Provider
  • Responsible Distribution
  • Gold Sponsor

Preferred Provider of Compliance Services

Recent research highlights unprecedented challenges in the chemical distribution and wholesaler industry stemming from regulatory and compliance requirements:

  • EHS&S requirements are more numerous and complicated today than ever before.
  • In addition to federal and international regulations, the states are more active, as are retailers and related private commercial entities.
  • General Duty Clause (GDC) enforcement is heightening regulatory awareness.
  • New rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are being driven throughout the supply chain.

As an NACD Preferred Compliance Provider, Kestrel is committed to helping members understand the myriad of complex regulations affecting chemical distribution. In industrial operations, most compliance activities are closely tied to production processes, quality management, energy efficiency, and safety. Helping our clients achieve the most positive outcomes—ones that contribute to overall business performance—is what drives Kestrel.

Beyond EHS&S, Kestrel has an entire division dedicated to helping companies manage the risks associated with producing and/or handling food-grade products and helping them achieve food safety regulatory and certification standard requirements. This is an area of growing concern to many chemical distributors who work with food-grade products and ingredients, particularly in light of new regulations under FSMA.

Right-Sized Compliance

Kestrel offers a custom Right-Sized Compliance approach that uses technology and a combination of in-house and outsourced resources to help companies more efficiently and effectively manage EHS&S and food safety compliance requirements. These resources work together to help companies:

  • Identify issues and gaps in regulatory compliance
  • Achieve compliance with current obligations
  • Realize improvements to compliance management
  • Gain the internal ability to review and continually improve compliance performance

Responsible Distribution

nacd_rd_fullcolor_largeResponsible Distribution Adviser

Kestrel is a recognized Responsible Distribution Adviser, providing in-depth support for members and affiliates during Responsible Distribution implementation. Under NACD’s new Responsible Distribution Adviser Program, Kestrel’s experts have been specifically trained in Responsible Distribution by NACD to provide assistance with members’ Responsible Distribution programs and verifications.

We can offer assistance in:

  • Writing policies and procedures 
  • Completing your company’s Responsible Distribution Profile and Specifications
  • Integrating ISO and other management systems with Responsible Distribution
  • Managing internal audits and corrective and preventive actions
  • Conducting staff training
  • Planning for continuous improvement

CCECode & Compliance Elite

Kestrel has further put together a new tool, Code & Compliance Elite (CCE)™, designed to manage Responsible Distribution and compliance obligations. A valuable management tool, CCE™ is designed to ensure that members have an easy-to-use technology tool to effectively manage verification requirements and ongoing management/improvement activities associated with Responsible Distribution.

The Responsible Distribution Codes of Management Practice, regulatory compliance programs, and related documents can all be managed in CCE™ to allow for efficient tracking and documentation. For companies with robust programs in place, existing systems are easily integrated and users can pick and choose CCE™ functions to fill and enhance any gaps.

Some of the basic functionality of CCE™ includes:

  • Document management – storage, access, and version control
  • Mobile device access
  • Regulatory compliance management and compliance obligation calendaring
  • Internal audits
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Task and action management

** Read the case study about C.I. Thornburg and their experiences using the software to meet NACD and other regulatory requirements.

U U Content Developer

Kestrel is serving as the subject matter expert to develop the new NACD U Responsible Distribution online courses. These courses are designed to help members better understand requirements and more effectively implement the Responsible Distribution codes.

Gold Sponsor

Kestrel lends our support to NACD as a Gold Sponsor. With this sponsorship, we are an active participant in the NACD Annual Meeting, ChemEdge, Regional Meetings, and Responsible Distribution Workshops held throughout the year. This allows us to stay connected to members, participate in important forums and information sharing, and touch base regularly on important issues facing member companies.