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Kestrel Releases EHS Data Collection App

January 16, 2014 - Kestrel Management • Kestrel Food Safety • dynaQ

Kestrel has released a new EHS data collection app to complement our dynaQ™ EHS management software. The dynaQ™ app enables real-time data collection at the point of discovery using tablets and smartphones. This allows users to standardize the data collection processes, reduce redundancy, shorten cycle times, and grow workforce capacity.

 “Since its creation, dynaQ™ has been an integral platform for reducing the effort and cost associated with managing EHS requirements and obligations,” explains Kestrel Principal Evan Fitzgerald. “With the release of the dynaQ™ app, users are now able to create EHS assessments and perform secure, cutting-edge data collection anytime, anywhere.”

Offline Accessibility

Unique to dynaQ™, an Internet connection is not required to access and use the app. This is especially valuable in remote locations where a data connection has not yet been established or in facilities that do not have a consistent wireless connection. The data are automatically synchronized when a connection is made, giving companies the capacity to report, measure, track, and manage their EHS requirements—all through dynaQ™.

EHS Management Modules

dynaQ™ comprises a wide range of ready-to-use tools and expandable applications that cover the gamut of risk management, including compliance auditing, asset and inventory management, liability and asset retirement obligation analysis, program and project management support, and human performance reliability assessments.

Specifically, dynaQ™ enhances EHS management activities spanning critical industrial functions through the following modules:

  • Assessment and auditing
  • Task management, shared calendar, and notifications
  • Document management
  • Training tracking
  • Action tracking
  • Metrics and performance dashboard

The dynaQ™ app is available for download in Apple’s AppStore and Google Android’s Play Store. To access the app once downloaded, contact Joseph Kunes at or 800-214-7060.

Submitted by: Jesse Kunes

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