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Human Factors Integration Tool (HFIT™)

Kestrel’s Human Performance Reliability (HPR) process enables companies to identify, understand, and ultimately manage the underlying contributing factors to human error. Effectively implementing the improvements identified through HPR requires a robust management tool that can collect, measure, and communicate HPR inputs and outputs.

Kestrel’s Human Factors Integration Tool (HFIT™) is the software companion to the HPR process that allows our team to assess current safety incidents, streamline the review process, and manage incident data.

Creating a Streamlined and Standardized Process

With efficiency at its core, HFIT™ is designed to streamline and standardize the HPR process. In addition, HFIT™ helps companies to:

  • Integrate human factor analyses into their incident investigation processes
  • Identify underlying factors contributing to unintended events (e.g., incidents and accidents, environmental releases, air emission events, product quality deviations, food safety events, medical mistakes)
  • Link identified human factors to specific operational controls that are missing or need improvement to reduce the likelihood of incidents
  • Reveal immediate local and systemic improvement actions
  • Identify system-wide opportunities for improvement in the prevention of unintended events

Underlying Methodology

Integrating an analysis of human factors into operations is challenging. Kestrel’s approach allows companies to apply HPR and tailor HFIT™ to their unique operations, based on a common underlying methodology:

  1. Modify and Fit – Through a disciplined consultative process, HPR is adapted to a company’s existing incident investigation processes.
  2. Process Support– HFIT™ provides guidance on the multi-level HPR framework used to systematically identify active and latent failures contributing to human error.
  3. Report and Measure– HFIT™ uses statistics to identify gaps and patterns in existing prevention barriers, which enables priority setting for improving operational controls.

Subscription Software

HFIT™ is a cloud software solution that is offered to clients on a subscription basis. HFIT™ is hosted with encryption and security measures that meet or exceed industry standards. All client data are maintained for confidentiality.