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EPA Announces Proposal to Prohibit Certain Chemicals that Contribute to Climate Change

July 14, 2014 - Kestrel Management

On July 10, the U. S. EPA announced its proposal to prohibit the use of certain chemicals that significantly contribute to climate change where safer, more climate-friendly alternatives exist. This is the Agency’s second action aimed at reducing emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a class of potent GHGs, under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

The proposal is estimated to reduce GHGs by up to 42 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2020, equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from the annual electricity use of more than five million homes.

Under the authority of the Clean Air Act, EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program evaluates substitute chemicals and technologies that are safe for the ozone layer. Today’s proposed action would change the status of certain high-global warming potential (GWP) HFCs that were previously listed as acceptable under the SNAP Program to be unacceptable in specific end-uses.

EPA will accept comment on the proposal for 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Learn more about EPA’s SNAP Program and the proposal at

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