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Kestrel Formalizes Engineering Services Offering

August 19, 2015 - Kestrel Management • Kestrel Food Safety

Many of the solutions that Kestrel delivers require some level engineering to fully implement. Current and future regulatory drivers are only increasing the demand for engineering services to meet regulatory and risk reduction requirements. Kestrel is pleased to respond to this demand and to our clients’ needs by formalizing and expanding our in-house engineering services offering.

Solving Exceptional Engineering Issues

“Kestrel’s engineering services group is focused on helping clients solve non-core, exceptional problems that require specialized engineering expertise,” explains Kestrel Chief Engineer Jack Anderson, P.E. “We address those engineering issues that have been identified through our traditional EHS and food consulting services. This creates greater project continuity by having one team with a common understanding of our clients’ ultimate business objectives.”

Engineering Case Study

Kestrel’s work for a leading chemical producer demonstrates how this type of engineering expertise has played an important part in effectively managing site operations and compliance with numerous environmental regulatory requirements at the company’s active brownfield site.

The existing source area water pumping system at the site had been patched together using legacy equipment over a period of 30 years. Kestrel’s work included treating and discharging more than 60 MM gallons of surface water per year and optimizing the continuous management of more than 250 MM gallons of water.

The engineering team redesigned the pumping system to provide the company with greater efficiency, safety, and reliability. The redesign also creates lower operating costs by implementing gravity flow piping and centralizing the collection of the source area water, while eliminating the use of unsafe structures and confined spaces. Throughout the project, Kestrel engineering staff focused on key site data collection practices and data analysis methods to identify trends and proactively inform site operations decisions.

Beyond this, Kestrel noted—and appropriately addressed—several non-compliance issues through structuring and improving reporting systems, incident investigation and management, and direct communication with environmental regulators on behalf of the client.

Services to Support Client Needs

Kestrel’s engineering services are intended to support clients in managing their difficult operational challenges, whether related to quality, environment, health and safety, security, or food safety.

Kestrel’s engineering team, led by Anderson, provides specialized engineering expertise in the following areas:

  • Owner’s engineer role
  • Engineering management
  • Corrective action assistance from audit findings
  • Engineering construction oversight
  • Facility process layout/optimization
  • Construction management/contract management
  • Facility demolition/decommissioning planning, specification, management, regulatory assistance
  • Site management
  • Design of limited-scope projects
  • Modeling and design of hydraulic systems (e.g., pumps, piping, instrumentation)
  • Bidding specification and plan review
  • Permitting
  • Asset retirement obligation (ARO) asset inventory and valuation/cost estimation
  • Site environmental management
  • Engineering calculations and studies
  • Engineering drawings, site mapping assistance

For more information on Kestrel’s engineering services, contact Jack Anderson at

Submitted by: Jack Anderson

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