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Effectively Managing GFSI Certification: Self-Diagnostic Assessment Tool

August 27, 2015 - Kestrel Food Safety

The value of GFSI certification depends on how the company uses its organizational resources to maximize return on investment. This includes integrating key activities into the business, such as multi-year planning, effective organizational structures, well-defined roles and expectations, and aligned individual expectations with overall company food safety certification and business objectives. Effective management of a GFSI or certified Food Safety Management System (FSMS) can have a significant impact on overall company value.

Self-Diagnostic Assessment Tool

Kestrel’s self-diagnostic assessment tool is designed to help you better understand the current state of your organization’s GFSI or certified FSMS.

To complete the assessment, review your facility and answer the questions below. We encourage you to then contact to Kestrel to analyze your responses, and to discuss how to change “No” responses into “Yes” to ensure that your FSMS is sustained and maintained.

  1. Is your organizational structure aligned with your GFSI or certification strategy and do you have the appropriate level of staffing in each area of your company?
  2. Does your top management team provide leadership, communication, team work, and performance management skills to support your GFSI or certified food safety program?
  3. Has the accountability for senior management support been evaluated during the planning and development of the program to ensure they are driving food safety and business goals?
  4. Are your employee selection and recruitment procedures effective in retaining high-performing employees to maintain your GFSI or certified food safety program?
  5. Does your performance review system effectively result in employee food safety performance that is linked to your company’s food safety and business goals?
  6. Do your employees clearly understand their food safety responsibilities, level of expected performance, and is this supported through updated job descriptions and performance plans?
  7. Are programs structured to motivate employees to achieve specific food safety and business results related to their job responsibilities and increased company food safety KPIs?
  8. Does your organization’s compensation system effectively encourage incremental and continuous food safety program improvement that is linked to company food safety and business objectives?
  9. Have you assessed your succession plan for individuals qualified in food safety and your certified program to determine future certification needs?
  10. Do you have a multi-functional internal process to maintain the effectiveness and continually improve your certified food safety program?

Get Ready

Kestrel can provide recommendations to help you improve your sustained GFSI food safety certification program. Led by a team of senior consultants averaging over 25 years of hands-on food safety compliance experience, our industry experts offer guidance in evaluating and helping companies fulfill food safety certification and compliance requirements.

Contact Kestrel today at or 847-533-5948.

Submitted by: Bill Bremer

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